10 easy, quick and healthy watermelon desserts

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Watermelon is one of our favorite summer fruits, it’s super refreshing, light, and full of flavor. What what are the benefits of watermelon?

In addition to maintaining body hydration levels, watermelon helps reduce blood pressure, improves the immune system, and even helps protect the skin. Not to mention that hardly provides calories, only 30 Kcal per 100 grams of fruitwhich is also excellent for weight control.

There are no rules about how watermelon should be eaten, what’s more, it is so versatile that You can include it in many recipes in addition to eating it in bites or including it in healthy desserts.

For example, it will be delicious in a recipe as original as this Watermelon Gazpachowhich is prepared with the usual ingredients of the Andalusian recipe, also adding 1 kg of this refreshing summer fruit.

It will also be great in any type of salad to which you want to add a sweet and very juicy flavor, like this one rice and fruit salad with honey mustard sauce.

1. Watermelon with chocolate and pistachios

chocolate watermelon

Enjoy some delicious Watermelon triangles with chocolate and pistachios. All you have to do is cut the watermelon into slices and then into triangles to dip the tip in the melted chocolate and then pass them through the pistachio and almond crocanti.

2. Watermelon and lime granita


Can there be anything more appetizing for summer evenings than a very cold slushie? East watermelon lime granita It is also prepared with a little fresh ginger, and a syrup made with water and sugar. You will only have to crush the ingredients, freeze, and stir from time to time.

3. Fake watermelon popsicles

False high poles

If this fun dessert stands out for something, it is for its originality. These fake watermelon popsicles They are the perfect trompe l’oeil a perfect combination of fruit, a little buttercream, chocolate balls, crunchy almonds and fresh currantsall washed down with a few drops of maple syrup.

4. Peach cream with watermelon mousse


This recipe will become one of your summer favorites. a soft peach cream with watermelon mousse ideal for dessert, breakfast or snack. A peach cream with cream cheese and yogurt is prepared, the watermelon mousse is added, and it is finished off with pieces of fruit.

5. Watermelon and apricot granita


With only 4 ingredients you can prepare a refreshing watermelon and apricot granita. Peel the fruits, crush them, and heat the puree obtained with a little sugar in a saucepan. The secret to getting a good texture is to take the mixture out of the freezer to stir it every 30 minutes.

6. Watermelon and yogurt cups


A combination that is always successful for dessert is fruit with yogurt, and if not, you will see when you try these watermelon and yogurt cups. They are prepared with yogurt, whipped cream, gelatin, sugar and watermelon. Later They are served in individual cups decorated with chocolate chips.

7. Milk and seasonal fruit popsicles


This dessert is ideal for the smallest of the housesince it is a great way for them to consume fruit and yogurt in a super fun way, in a few milk popsicles and seasonal fruit. They combine the milk with summer fruits such as watermelon, melon and nectarines.

8. Watermelon dessert with fresh cheese balls


East watermelon dessert with fresh cheese balls It is very simple to prepare, but keep in mind that the cheese and gelatin mixture will need at least 6 hours to rest in the fridge. It is prepared with fresh cheese, yogurt, milk, sugar, gelatin, watermelon and lemon juice.

9. Millefeuille of fruit


Enjoy some refreshing millefeuille of fruit They are prepared with slices of watermelon, melon, red plums and kiwis that are interspersed. In addition, they have a little mint jelly to sweeten them. Since it is super low in calories, you can eat it even on a diet.

10. Watermelon Vanilla Smoothie


Prepare a delicious watermelon and vanilla smoothie for snack. It is so easy to prepare that all you have to do is mix some watermelon with vanilla ice cream, blend, and serve the smoothie. accompanied by some banana and watermelon skewers.

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