180 pesos in the informal market; 123.60 official

The value of dollar American remains this Wednesday in 180 Cuban pesos (CUP) in the informal market, the same as the previous day. In the case of Exchange Houses (CADECA) state is sold at 1 x 123.60 CUP.

CyberCuba Attached below is the data of the exchange rates of both markets for this September 21 in the country.

Official exchange market in Cuba by CADECA

(Source: Capture of Facebook / CADECA)

Exchange rate established by CADECA at airports, hotels and ports

(Source: Capture of Facebook / CADECA)

Representative rates of the Informal Foreign Exchange Market in Cuba

This September 21, the dollar, the euro and the freely convertible currency are sold for 180 Cuban pesos for all three.

The European currency climbed one peso in relation to the average sale price on Tuesday. In the case of the MLC, it rose four pesos compared to the estimated sale price on September 20.

The independent media The touch reports every day the representative rates of the informal foreign exchange market in Cuba.

The data is obtained after the analysis of the median of the prices published in advertisements for the purchase and sale of foreign currencies on social networks and classified sites in Cuba.

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