2K Games support warns of a hack on its platform and urges users to take precautions

During last night, 2K Games announced that “an unauthorized third party” has illegally accessed the company’s customer support platform. Therefore, they have warned all users not to do click on the links on their support page or open emails from the publisher.

“Our support portal will remain offline as we continue to address this matter,” the statement explained. “We will let you know when you can re-engage with the official 2K Help Desk emails, and provide additional information on how you can best protect yourself against any malicious activity.”

Apparently, this link attached to the emails was disguised as a link to download 2K’s own client, but would actually make users install a malware designed to steal passwords saved in browsers, information with which they could even access victims’ bank accounts. It seems that one of the first to realize this was Reddit user TronFanwho checked the zip file and found it doubtful before getting to install it.

In the event that users have made click in the links in the emails, 2K recommends immediately changing all passwords saved in web browsers, enabling multi-factor authentication whenever possible, installing and running an antivirus, and checking your 2K account settings to see if it has been added or Modified any forwarding rules on personal email accounts.

Interestingly, the news comes after Rockstar Games suffered a hack that revealed almost a hundred images and videos about Grand Theft Auto VI; in both cases, the companies are subsidiaries of Take-Two Interactive, its parent company.

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