2k Games warns of a ‘hack’ that puts user accounts at risk

MADRID, 21 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

development studio 2K Games has warned of a Unauthorized access that has put user accounts at risk, to whom a ‘hacker’ would have sent an email with a malicious link.

A malicious actor has obtained the credentials to access the service support of 2K and send from this platform an email to users with a malicious link, as he explained study on Twitter.

The company has asked affected users to do not open the ’email’ or click on the link they receive from you, as it puts your accounts at risk. In case they have already done so, he advises them to reset the password and implement multi-factor authentication, as well as use an antivirus and check their account settings for possible changes.

From 2K Games they remind that they do not make communications requesting access credentials or other personal information from users. And until we solve this security problem, have disabled the help portal.

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