30 years have passed since the “historic” Radiohead song that started out as a complete failure

We are finishing counting all the votes to have the finalized list of the Rock FM500. There, in case you haven’t heard yet, from Friday at 6 pm until Sunday afternoon we will be putting from number 500 to 1, the list of the best rock culture songs of all time. And chosen by you. Many people have thought of Radiohead’s “Creep”, since it is one of the songs that very well define English rock of the 90s. And that now we can think about it, but in his departure it was more than discarded by the public and the critics.

Radiohead was known in the early years as ‘On a Friday’. The band was very popular outside of London and it didn’t take long for the record labels to arrive so that in 1991 they signed and changed the name to Radiohead. At the birth of the first album, they were with Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade, music producers with backgrounds who had already been with Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. These at first were not very impressed with the songs they were going to record.

“Then one day in rehearsal they burst into this other song, which I guess they just wrote.”Kolderie told mojo . “When they finished it, Thomas [Yorke] he mumbled something like, ‘That’s our Scott Walker song’… except I thought he said, ‘That’s a Scott Walker song.’ Now, I was pretty familiar with Scott Walker, but gosh, there are so many albums and I might have missed something! We walked out of rehearsal that night and Sean was like, ‘Too bad his best song is a cover.’”

And the song, obviously, was Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Upon discovering that the song was their original and not a version, they recorded it. After a test, Kolderie knew they had something special: “At the end, everyone in the room was silent for a moment and then they burst into applause. I’ve never had that happen to me before.”

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