5 facts about the comedy-drama that is popular on Netflix

Netflix A British movie has just released and is already among the top 10 most popular movies on the streaming service. Is about I was famous (I Used to be Famous), a 104-minute feature film directed by Eddie Sternberg which revolves around music and friendship. Next, we tell you 5 facts about this film that may interest you.

What is it about?

The tape follows Vince, a former pop star who used to be in a very famous band and is now looking to return to the world of music. The young man gets a second chance when he meets Stevie, a neurodiverse drummer with a talent for rhythm, at a jam session.. This meeting sparks an unexpected friendship between the two misunderstood musicians.

I Was Famous (2022). Photo: SANJA BUCKO/NETFLIX.

Who act?

i was famous is starring ed skrein -in the role of Vince- and Leo Long -in the role of Stevie-. They accompany them Eleanor Matsuura, Eoin Macken, Kurt Egyiawan, Neil Stuke, Rachael Ofori, Lorraine Ashbourne, and Stanley Morganamong others.

Who created it?

The film was directed by Eddie Sternberg and written by him along with Zak Klein. Photography was on behalf of Angus Hudson while the music was the work of David Saunders. i was famous is a Forty Foot Pictures and Viewfinder production for Netflix.

I Was Famous (2022). Photo: Netflix.

What does the critic say?

Until now the film has received mostly laudatory reviews. sites like decide They valued the emotionality of her story by stating: “You would have to have a pretty hard heart not to get emotional with her, even a little bit.” In the same line appears The Review Geek, where they pointed out: “An enjoyable film with many emotional moments and an ending that manages to make you tear up.” For its part, in Guardian wrote: “Sweet but predictable […] Long is not only a good drummer but also a good actor. And the film earns extra points for its uplifting portrayal of music therapists and the good they can do for patients.”

Is there a trailer?

You can watch the subtitled trailer below.

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