60 LEDs to decorate without spending more

Home automation is increasingly present in our lives. After the arrival of robot vacuum cleaners, smart light bulbs or air purifiers, Xiaomi returns to the attack with a 2-meter LED strip controlled from mobile

The new one Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro is already on the company’s global website, and the uses that we can give to an LED strip like this they go far beyond simple interior decorationsince it includes functions and features worthy of a Pro model like this.

Over 100 settings and sound reaction

This Xiaomi LED strip it is flexible and is two meters long (not counting the power cable), but can be extended up to five meters with extension packs, since the end of the strip has a connection to make it longer.

The illumination is uniform, and the 60 LEDs per meter of length change color every 10cm to give it that premium look, although you can change them yourself to your liking from the Mi Home app at any time.

The Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro can also react to soundsince it incorporates a microphone in the box that allows you to create a unique atmosphere if you are listening to music or watching a movie, since you can also place it behind the television.

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But the best way to create that unique environment is on your Xiaomi mobile, since from the Mi Home app, in addition to customizing the color (as we said before), you can modify the intensity with three different levels and apply any of the four preset effects incorporating the LED strip.

For gaming lovers, the Smart Lightstrip Pro is the best ally in a setup, since it is compatible with Razer ChromaTM RGB and ASUS Aura Synctwo gaming software tools to surprise your friends at home or your followers on Twitch.

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Xiaomi’s new LED strip yet not available for purchaseand we do not know if it will reach Europe, although we can find all the details in the Xiaomi global website. It should be remembered that in China it can be purchased, and its price is 299 yuan, about 42 euros to change.

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