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The instinct and desire for survival are usually activated when we are in survival mode. Often, it is the human being against nature, although others it is against themselves. This reality has been and will always be a great premise to lead to a great movie.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of movies that are part of this theme, whether fictional or based on real events and they always tend to leave the viewer, once it ends, with all kinds of feelings: emotion, anger, stress, relief … certainly not indifferent.

Even so, we like it and above all we are attracted to this theme because we are sitting very calmly on our sofa with nothing to disturb us. Let’s be honest, we would not survive a day if we were presented with any of the situations in the movies that we are going to show you in this report.

That said, it’s pretty fun to sit through survival movies, and streaming platforms are loaded with them.

7 extreme survival movies that you have available in streaming:

Circle (2015)

Circle is a psychological thriller set in a single location where fifty strangers meet in two concentric circles in a room. Note that this film has been inspired by another called 12 Angry Men, from 1957.

The participants will die randomly every two minutes, unless they agree among themselves and decide democratically who of the fifty should die.

Although we are talking about a fictional film, reveals the most basic of the human beingtheir essence, their fears and priorities, seeing how far they are capable of going to survive.

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The Revenant (2015)

Is cinema masterpiece is based on real events and puts Hugh Glass (the finally Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio) at the forefront of a grueling fight for Survive amid unbelievably frigid temperatures and lurking danger.

all this arises after the attack of a bear that will give him almost dead: broken leg, open wounds, perforated organs… his companions left him for dead. Driven by his desire to avenge the death of his young son (since one of his friends murdered him), he will use his survival skills and go a long way to locate and hunt them down.

He will fight against malnutrition and hypothermia taking advantage of what nature offers him, all this while his wounds decompose. Survival in all its essence.

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White Hell (2012)

In this great movie we are going to see a group of oil tankers trapped in Alaska after a storm crashes their plane. All of them they will fight to stay alive faced with the threat of wolves and in the midst of extreme cold.

John Ottway, played by Liam Neeson, will be our protagonist and will show us great survival skills and quickly will assume the role of leader.

Here we are before the typical hunter and prey movie (wolves and humans), in which the human being must develop in a field that is not his.

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The Hole (2019)

We’re going with a Spanish. Here we find before a dystopian thrillerwhere the main scenario that we are going to see and where the stories take place is a hundred-story vertical prison high that houses two inmates per cell, with one cell on each floor.

The premise is simple, every day, a platform with food descends to each floor for a very short time to provide the leftovers from the upper floor. As you descend to a lower floor, the availability of food decreases, since it depends on what the people on the upper floors eat.

Here the protagonist is Goreng (Iván Massagué), who wakes up in cell number 48 and we will see how, changing floors, he will have to face complex situations, always trying to escape from there and find a reason.

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Mars (2015)

Is wonderful movie starring Matt Damonis going to put us in the shoes of Mark Watney, an astronaut who will travel on a mission to Mars and who will be left for dead after a fierce storm and abandoned by his crew.

Nevertheless, he has survived and is abandoned and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must use his wits, intelligence and spirit to survive and find a way to send a signal back to Earth that he is alive.

From the other side, NASA and a team of international scientists They work tirelessly to bring you back.

Is it availabe on Disney+.

blind (2018)

Blindfolded is based on a novel of the same name, written by Josh Malerman. East post apocalyptic thriller follows a mother starring Sandra Bullock who tries to protect herself and her two children from the outside, evil forces that They drive people crazy if they look at them.

No survivor has ever seen these entities, but people must remain blindfolded for their safety and survival. However, it seems that this is not the worst and these forces, being invisible, take the form of people’s worst fears and manipulate them into committing suicide.

In the story we will see how she and her children embark on a dangerous journey to the only place that can offer them safety. It is known that Netflix is ​​already working on a sequel that we will see soon.

can you see her on netflix.

Castaway (2000)

is the survival movie that perhaps comes to mind for many of you. Castaway will put at the center of everything the ability of man to adapt to his environment in conditions in which no one would be able to survive several days.

The story centers on Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a systems engineer, who is forced to make a home on an uninhabited island. after a plane crash. After several years of life on the island, he will have to learn to settle for his meager living conditions, which will be based on hunt food and make fire.

Of course, human interaction does not exist here, although our need to socialize will make the protagonist make a friend: a volleyball he calls Wilson. His determination to survive is going to make him the Robinson Crusoe of this movie and, if you know how this one ends, you can already guess the ending.

Is it availabe on HBO Max.

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