A bargain! Flights from Miami Airport to 40 dollars

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It is time to travel cheaper and some North American airlines know it and are offering excellent “bargains”, as we would say in good Cuban. This week a real “baratela” was launched from Miami International Airport. If you are one of those who likes the plane, do not miss it.

The “low cost” company Spirit Airlines, very present in the terminals in South Florida, offers connections from $40 to various destinations from Miami and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood.

Of course, only for members of the company’s loyalty club, although it is very easy, because becoming a member is free. For non-member travelers there are also trips on sale, starting at $57 one way. In general, there are 22 destinations within the country from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

For this you have all day today, August 10, so don’t waste time. What are the flight options? For example, a one-way ticket to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlantic City, Cleveland is $40. Those from Austin come out in 47, while those in Houston are in 87. Buy them here.


The novelty with these bargains is that JetBlue you just bought Spirit Airlines and it’s a good way to start promoting yourself. Also, once completed, the JetBlue-Spirit Airlines merger may mean better service for the North American ultra-low-cost carrier.

The $3.8 billion cash offer came after Spirit and Frontier called off their merger, making JetBlue Spirit Airlines the fifth-largest airline in the United States.

Spirit doesn’t offer complimentary food or beverage service, so travelers often bring food on the plane, drawing countless jokes about it. In addition to the lack of snacks, there are serious disadvantages for low-cost airlines, such as dealing with a canceled flight, lost luggage, or layovers that are too long. All this could improve from now on.

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