A day like today Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” was born, genius of Latin American humor

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Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, better known as “Cantinflas” and also called the genius of Latin American humor, was born in Mexico City on August 12, but in 1911, 111 years ago.

Mario Moreno is internationally known for his character “Cantinflas”. He was an integral artist who effortlessly worked as a mime, actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian of the Mexican Golden Age.

The character is associated with the national identity of Mexico and allowed Cantinflas to establish a long and successful film career that included his foray into Hollywood.

Mario Moreno, “Cantinflas”, became a Mexican icon and his legacy lives on to this day.

In a work published by the BBC, it is read that Cantinflas began his career in the 1930s as a comic actor in traveling theaters known as tents, in Mexico City.

“Cantinflas” filmed his first movie, don’t be fooled heartin 1936, which went almost unnoticed by the public.

Four years later the story changed. His third film there is the detail, became a box office success and, at the same time, marked Cantinflas’s career. It was a success almost from the beginning, the BBC reported.

The phrase that gave the film its name accompanied him in the rest of his filmography; and even in 1956 she won the Golden Globe Award with the tape Around the world in 80 days. With this film he had the opportunity to reach Hollywood in 1956.

In his career he recorded some 50 pieces in Mexico and the United States, most of them, 39, were made by his production company Posa Films.

Since 1993, when the actor died, his adopted son Mario Moreno Ivanova and his cousin, Eduardo Moreno Laparade, have been suing for the rights and royalties of these 39 films.

The real “Cantinflas”

Many believe that Cantinflas was the best comedy actor in the history of Mexico, but others say that Mario Moreno was a radically different person.

His character, a nice young man with a piece of cloth on his shoulder which he called a trench coat, with his pants tied by a cord 10 centimeters below the waist, a worn-out hat and with a peculiar way of speaking without saying anything, made those who laughed. they saw it on the screen, that’s how the BBC describes it.

But on the street, with his fellow artists or the places he frequented, the actor was cold, hostile and arrogant, according to people who knew him.

The writer Guadalupe Loaeza assured that “Cantinflas” and Mario Moreno were two people in one, who lived in permanent contradiction.

“He was a man who was not worldly friendly, he was unpleasant. Mario Moreno was a very sinister character, with a very evident ambiguity. His colleagues did not want him,” he said in an interview with BBC Mundo.


The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) remembers the well-known Mario Moreno by accepting the word “cantinflear”.

For the RAE cantflear means to speak or act in a crazy and incongruous way and without saying anything of substance.

Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” died on April 20, 1993, due to lung cancer.

Main news source: BBC World

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