A “fantastic” lap for Honda

There is no doubt that the Aragon GP had a clear protagonist: Marc Márquez. The man from Lleida reappeared to compete for the first time since last May 29, when he decided to make a parenthesis to return stronger, and he took all the eyes of a World Cup that celebrated its return. Despite the two years that he has been dragging the injury, the eighth champion has not stopped being the man to beat and the reference of the queen category. But in Aragón there was no room to fight with the Honda one-on-one, due to that early withdrawal which occurred on the first lap after two controversial incidents that resulted in race events.

Beyond the version offered by the protagonists themselves in this regard (Márquez, Quartararo and Nakagami), he also spoke of what happened Albert Puig, team managementr of HRC, by having two of its pilots involved. But the argument was simply a carbon copy of the previous ones: “Everything that happened was a racing incident. Marc made a very good start (gained seven positions in the first corner)but then he had a little scare and the rear wheel skidded, which caused contact with Quartararo. Unfortunately, Quartararo was very close and contact was unavoidable.

Clarified the first part of the story, everything that happened later was related to that touch between Fabio and Marc since part of the wings of the Frenchman’s M1 were caught between the rear tire of the RC213V and the tail. “After turn 5, Marquez couldn’t even keep the bike straight and Taka (Nakagami) was behind. Due to the problem at the rear, Marc was unable to keep the bike straight. Taka was very close, they touched and he fell. It was a very unfortunate incident for all three drivers. We know that Fabio is fighting for the title, so this makes it even more difficult for him.”

The most important point

As if the performance of the drivers had not been enough, Puig also apologized for what happened in a garage where there were many other things to analyze. The most important, the return of Márquez. And what happened at the start did not serve to tarnish his performance on the Honda during the weekend: “It was a fantastic lap. The feeling is that I was fine getting back on the bike for the first time since Mugello. The most important point is that Marc is back riding and racing on race day, which is part of his recovery process.”

How much is left to leave behind that process? Both Márquez and the team speak of end of season. Until then, at Honda they will try “to help him recover by competing, that is the objective of the last races: help him get stronger and return to his true form.” That doesn’t mean that if everything goes as it has up to now, Marc won’t decide to go on the attack to try to improve fourth (in Jerez) which has the best result to date this season. Of departure, Motegi will be the next sceneio where it will be put to the test, in what will be HRC’s return to its “home” grand prix. “Hopefully things go better for us. We will continue trying to do the best we can”, concluded Puig.

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