A James Webb telescope motor could be causing unexpected problems

The POT detected almost a month ago “increased friction during setup” of an instrument on its James Webb Space Telescope. Specifically, the tool is used for medium resolution spectroscopy (MRS), which is one of the available spatial observation modes of the MIRI (Mid Infrared Instrument).

Problems with the mechanism were found on August 24 and affect a grid wheel that makes it possible for scientists to choose from the earth between lengths of short, medium and long waves for your observations with the MRS.

After seeing said inconvenience in the Webb, the nasa team held an anomaly review meeting for September 6. In it, they decided stop scheduling observations that used the MRS modeanalyze its operation and think of strategies that allow MRS observations to continue soon.

The cessation of this type of technology of the space telescope could be one of the reasons why its last published observations are of nearby planets.

While they work on trying to fix this unexpected problem, the agency has reported that the rest of MIRI’s observation modes work correctly. These are: imaging, low resolution spectroscopy and chronography.

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