A Magical Flight, book review (2022)

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Giovanna Giordano wrote “A magical flight” in 1998 but its translation into Spanish was not released until February 21, three days before Russia decided to invade Ukraine. Curiosities of life, this book is also about a declaration of war: the one sent by Benito Mussolini to the king of Abyssinia in 1935. The messenger who carried the letter was the Italian pilot Giulio Giamò, the protagonist of this book.

“I was flying, flying free and looking straight ahead, without memories, well, when you live, there is no time to remember, and then I lived. Yes, he lived. He was young. ” Giulio carried such a fateful message in his trimotor to an African leader who dreamed of a single nation that would bring together the thousand Abyssinian tribes, who did not want any more wars of blacks against blacks and who only longed to get a bit of sea, because his kingdom did not have and the sea is the only thing that gives freedom. He was clear that, after all, whoever is surrounded only by mountains ends up locked up.

“A magical flight” It is a fable full of stories, anecdotes and teachings, of much ancestral wisdom, of simple but transcendental reflections and dreams full of innocence. It is noted that the author of it very much enjoyed reading classics such as “The little Prince”, “Arabian Nights”, “The book of wonders” by Marco Polo, “Memories of Africa”the “Red Baron” and even Mozart’s opera “The magic Flute”; we find elements of all of them throughout the pages written by the award-winning Giordano.

In the dark and hostile times we live in today, it is comforting to read this work because it is a hymn to freedom, friendship and hope in a cruel world where senseless events continue to occur.

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