A Mom’s Campaign To Ban Certain Books From A Library Divided A Texas Town And Her Family – NBC4 Dallas (39)

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Weston Brown was browsing Twitter last month when he came across a video that made his chest tighten. He showed a woman at a school board meeting in North Texas, asking district leaders to apologize.

“Repentance is the word that is in my heart,” he said at the beginning of the video.

For months, the woman in the video had been demanding that the Granbury Independent School District (southwest of Dallas) ban dozens of books from its libraries that contained depictions of sexual or LGBTQ themes, books she believed could harm hearts and minds. the minds of the students.

Dissatisfied after a committee in the district she served on voted to remove just a handful of titles, the woman filed a police report in May accusing school employees of providing pornography to children, prompting a criminal investigation by the of Hood County.

Now, in the video Weston found online, he was telling the school board that a local Christian pastor, rather than librarians, should decide what books should be allowed on public school shelves. “He would never mislead you,” she said.

The clip ended with the woman walking away from the lectern and the audience showering her with applause.

Weston, 28, said her heart was racing as she watched and rewatched the video, and not just because she opposes censorship. She immediately recognized the speaker. It was her mother, Monica Brown.

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