a powerful faction arrives in a free update

When the Shiro Games team established the roadmap of Dune: Spice Wars anticipated some of the content that would arrive throughout this year, it was indicated that one of them would be a new faction. For this reason, fulfilling what was promised, it is now available to download this great update with all the new features it includes.

Thanks to her he has joined the game the Imperial House of Corrino, which you can see in full action in the trailer that you have accompanying the news. This implies that with this incorporation there are already five playable factions to measure themselves in the Spice War.

Shaddam IV, the Emperor of the Padishah, and his mobile royal palaces join the action to demonstrate their might to take control of the planet. With these units it will be possible to overcome the others by manipulating the CHOAM market and the Landsraad, although the fearsome Sardaukar can also be deployed in case the situation gets too complicated.

They are all joined by the princess Irulan and Wensicia Corrino, the daughters of Shaddam IV, in order to provide very sharp minds to carry out his plans. she will be too captain aramshamcommanding expert of the combat command, and finally Hasimir Fenringa mental assassin and in turn one of the deadliest fighters in the Empire.

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