a rogue play about the economic crisis with one of the most surprising roles of Brad Pitt, and you only have 48 hours to see it

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The ravages of the economic crisis of 2008, where large entities fell and its repercussions ended up affecting ordinary citizens more, are still kicking. Years will pass and it is possible that pop culture live this period as our own vietnamand many of the dramas of prestigious intentions -if they are left by then- will revolve around this period and its consequences.

But just as during the Vietnam War there were already films that dealt with the subject and in a brilliant way, we have some contemporary pieces that tackled the financial crash with enough proximity but also with enough reflection to be significant. And some of them managed to do it with some joke. Bitter joke. Is about ‘the big bet‘.

too big to fall

The film can be watch on netflixalthough only for a limited time, since it leaves the platform next Sunday, August 14 – just in case, it is also on Disney+ Y on Prime Video-. And it’s worth it, because it can be one of the best movies Adam McKay. It’s certainly the best of his “serious” stage as a filmmaker, knowing how to keep his spirits and fun energy while evolving his style and adding layers to the usual tone.

Taking the book by economic journalist Michael Lewis as a reference, ‘The Big Bet’ explores the fall in the real estate market that led to the world crisis of the aforementioned 2008. It was shocking, since no one thought that an apparently safe market like the mortgage market would fall… Except for four very clever people who decided to bet against the system.

They did, because they saw just how much he was stinking. Mortgages were being packaged as safe value bonds, even though dissected they were really junk bonds. They pushed forward with the certainty that no one was going to stop paying their mortgage, which was distributed like churros, but faced with the symptoms of economic decline, these people saw the opportunity to do the business of your life.

‘The big bet’: the harsh reality

McKay manages to get away with capturing the crazy world of finance and, at the same time, land his sour note by making the protagonists and the viewer aware of the consequences of all this. She manages to function thanks to his agile but well-shot montage, his underlined but humorous explanationsand a wonderfully chosen cast, where they stand out Steve Carell, Christian bale and a Brad Pitt atypical in his role, but that manages to make him the heart of the film.

On their backs falls the moment where the film changes thirds and decides to launch its emotional and political punches. The anger and frustration. Moment of harsh reality that is quite risky at the tonal level, but it is successful and makes ‘The Big Short’ a really commendable film. Enough to settle it as referent on the issue of the financial crisis from here to the future. That’s why it’s better to see it while it’s still available on platforms.

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