A Sky Full of Stars: the story of the song in which Coldplay asks not to pick up cell phones

When they play it, the show is interrupted. Coldplay. Apparently something is happening, a kind of technical problem in which the four members are out of place, but it is nothing more than a trick and a simulation repeated on all the dates of the tour. It seems like a mistake, but the show is about to continue.

That moment of break, the band asks people to listen to the songs without taking photos or looking at the cell phone. Just enjoy the experience, instead of trying to record it. Something that other bands in the world, like Placebo, have decided to take further and even ban mobile devices.

This happens when Coldplay plays A sky full of starsalbum song Ghost Stories, 2014. As happened this Tuesday and Wednesday at the National Stadium, in the first two shows -of the four- that the group will offer in the capital. The moved subject is the eighth and penultimate track of the disc. In its recording, the Swedish DJ and producer participated avicii. As the site Songfacts says, it was Chris Martin himself who invited him to play the piano. He, with all his training in rhythms, is the one who advances the song at the point of a beat indebted to the house.

Usually it is Chris Martin who takes charge of the instrument. Then, seeing the Swede in his place, something generated him. In an interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, he admitted that he felt he was cheating the band when he asked the Nordic to play piano in his place.

What is the letter about? Chris Martin explained it on the Fuse website. Basically, the culmination of a goal: “What that song represents in Ghost Stories it’s the release you feel after you’ve climbed the mountain, after you’ve done something challenging. That’s why that song is so unabashedly happy and danceable: because that’s what it needed to be. I love to sing it. I know we didn’t break the mold, but it’s a lot of fun to play.”

It was during his appearance on The Kevin & Bean Show that Martin said that after the idea of ​​writing this upbeat song, he did something different. “In general, what happens with our songs is that they are sent from the universe, however they come. I don’t know where they come from, in the middle of the night they show up and I take them to the rest of the band and they layer up, like they’re building a car or something.” However, this time, instead of addressing the group, he contacted Avicii, knowing that perhaps the Swede would give him the missing ingredient.

Obviously, Martin skipped a group protocol by taking her to the Swede first. However, the blonde assured that this did not bring him major inconveniences. “The rest of the band was very friendly, as usual. So they said: ‘We trust you and let’s keep rolling.

In a chat with the Beat x Beat podcast, Chris Martin added that he was listening to Katy Perry’s music when he was writing the album songs. Ghost Stories. Something of that festive spirit of the Californian sneaks into this track.

The song had its premiere on television, on April 29, 2014, in the episode of Later… with Jools Holland on BBC 2 and four days later the band performed it on Saturday night Live. Pure optimism overflowing on the TV screens.

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