“A Song for Two”, Erich’s new

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The Eden of complicity.

If there is anything truly sacred in life, it is human connection. In a world like today’s, where the superfluous seems to surround us tirelessly, Erichmusician and composer from Aguascalientes, Mexico, offers us a space for contemplation and emotionality through his songs.

An expert in everyday life, the young singer has an innate ability to identify and embrace the simplicity of everyday life. After the premiere of his most recent singles, “It goes” Y “Long Time No See”, “A Song for Two” lands like a treat for the ear. A sunny atmosphere, built by an instrumentation of warm and Edenic tones, accompanies the voice of Erich along the tracks faithfully and instinctively. Little by little, a genesis of love connection is built before us: it is the remembrance of intimacy on the surface of the skin interwoven between a dance and two. Hit play below:

Erich is about to release his next studio album, which he has been working on together with Gerardo Catsmu Y gerry pink, who have decided to support and collaborate in the artist’s career since they heard about him. Don’t miss any updates on this project.

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