A speedrunner is immersed in the heat of Kingdom Hearts fever to get the seven platinum of the saga

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We have seen challenges of all kinds from speedrunners. Complete the games FromSoftware in the most unlikely ways is one of them, but this time we have to talk about a strenuous exercise with Kingdom Hearts.

And it is that the magical saga of Disney and Square Enix has seven platinum trophies on PlayStation systems. A highly coveted prize that speedrunner Desa has set out to achieve as quickly as possible and in marathon sessions.

His goal is to achieve the world record in this discipline for all the works and in each of them the normal thing is that the time to cGetting the corresponding platinum is close to 8:00 p.m.. In some cases, as in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the entire batch is approaching 27 hours. In total, the games to get platinum are the following:

By now, Desa has been experiencing various bug issues in games and has been forced to restart. If you want to be aware of his feat, you can follow him live through his Twitch channel. Here you have the schedule that will follow in the coming days, always with the time slot of Spain.

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