Accenture earns 6,961 million in its fiscal year, 16.4% more | Companies

The professional services firm Accenture recorded net attributable profit of 6,877.2 million dollars (6,961.4 million euros) for its fiscal year as a whole, ending in August, which is equivalent to an increase of 16.4% compared to to the previous year, as reported by the company on Thursday.

Revenue for the year as a whole was 61,594.3 million dollars (62,348.3 million euros), 22% more. By business segments, the Communications, Media and Technology division grew by 24%, to 12,199.8 million (12,349.1 million euros), while the Products area grew by 27%, to 18,275.4 million (18,499 .1 million euros).

The turnover of the Financial Services branch was 11,810.6 million (11,955.2 million euros), 19% more, while that of Health and Public Service expanded by 18%, to 11,266.5 million (11,404, €4 million). The resource segment stood at 8,082 million (8,180.9 million euros), 18% more.

By geographical area, the turnover in North America grew by 23%, to 29,121.4 million (29,477.9 million euros), while in Europe it was 20,263.6 million (20,511.7 million euros), a 21 % plus. The turnover in the rest of the markets in which the firm is present was 12,209.7 million (12,359.2 million euros), 21% more.

The cost of the services provided was 41,892.8 million (42,405.6 million euros), 22.6% more, while sales and marketing expenses stood at 6,108.4 million (6,183.2 million euros). ), 15.5% more, and general and administrative expenses reached 4,225.9 million (4,277.6 million euros), 23.2% more.

In the fourth quarter of its fiscal year alone, Accenture posted a net attributable profit of 1,665.1 million (1,685.5 million euros), 17.6% more, while revenue grew 15%, to 15,423, 7 million (15,612.5 million euros).


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