Actor Alejandro Cuervo delivers food to evacuation centers in Matanzas

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the cuban actor Alexander Raven traveled to the city of Matanzas to deliver donations to people evacuated as a result of the fire at the Supertanker Base.

The popular artist delivered boxes with bread, pancakes, sausages, soda cans and bottles, milk cans, yogurts and mayonnaise.

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“Thanks to life for giving me the opportunity to help those who need it (and if they are my favorite people, THE CHILDREN) and thanks to everyone who has supported me in one way or another,” the actor wrote on his social networks.

Alejandro was joined by a young entrepreneur from Jaruco, who saw in the actor’s Instagram stories that he was buying food to travel to Matanzas this Wednesday and contacted him. Both met and the young man gave him a large box full of food to make soups.

actor’s instagram

“It really is something very strong, catastrophic,” said the actor on his way back to Havana. “Seeing the smiles of those children with the little we bring them is very gratifying.”

Since the fire broke out last Friday and until this Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Public Health reports 128 injuredOf these, 20 remain hospitalized in six health institutions in the country and 108 were discharged. Of all the injured, seven are women and the rest are men.

So far, Cuban authorities have only confirmed the death of one firefighter and another 14 remain missing.

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