After a year of operations TD SYNNEX sets new goals –

Otavio Lazarini Barbosa
Otavio Lazarini Barbosa

In its first year of operations, TD SYNNEX migrated from a traditional wholesale model to a solution aggregator and orchestrator.

TD SYNNEX celebrates one year as a company after the merger of SYNNEX and Tech Data, from which the wholesaler endorses its purpose of empowering global partners and bringing them attractive IT technology solutions for a dynamic environment that promotes the success of their businesses .

Facing the market, the wholesaler wants to help achieve operational results from the use of technology.

Octavio Lazarini, Senior Vice President of TD SYNNEX for Latin America and the Caribbean, he pointed out that this first year of the merger was an exercise in fidelity and patience on the part of the Latin American channels of what both companies were.

This ecosystem of partners continued to work, even with the changes, knowing that they would receive more benefits from the merger. Lazarini even noted that support and resources for partners were doubled as well as support for local operations.

Forecasts and goals

The growth forecast for the next four years focuses on hyperscale infrastructure, which will grow in the order of 15%; the cloud that will 19%; Big Data and Artificial Intelligence whose upward forecast is 17% as well as platform and services that will grow 9%.

Lazarini explained that these technologies already represented 13 billion dollars of gross income in the fiscal year.

within the plan TD SYNNEX Over the next few years, investment in high-growth technologies is also contemplated, such as AR/VR and metaverse, data, hyperscale computing, mobility, Edge Computing, security and services.

By 2025, Lazarini points out that the company expects growth greater than 46 billion dollars; while Mexico could represent 10 thousand 92 million dollars by then.

To reach such numbers, TD SYNNEX it will refine its services for both the manufacturer and the channel in the sense that it will give them access to market data, support in integrating business solutions and services.

The wholesaler will also strengthen its engineering team, and will invest in platforms to facilitate day-to-day transactions, as well as the lifting of subscriptions.

On this point, Lazarini elaborated that financial services will be extended considering the new sales models, without neglecting marketing support and other services that support the channel business.

From this new year as a constituted company, TD SYNNEX it will focus on strengthening its relationship with manufacturers and channels and polishing its operational excellence in the supply chain.

It does not rule out an expansion process, because although they have a presence throughout Latin America, with the exception of Cuba, there are local markets in the different countries that have interesting business opportunities for the wholesaler.

TD Synnex aligns with new business models

Lazarini commented that the market is at a breaking point with the traditional sale of technology that had a linear chain that has been transformed to resemble more of a mesh, where the wholesaler is in the middle acting as an aggregation center and orchestrator.

Cloud service providers, IT integrators and the specialized channel, ISVs and channels and transactional sales coexist in this mesh.

Customers have also changed, so there are those who contract direct services with TD SYNNEX and cases in which the wholesaler requires a partner to extend that service.

The wholesaler today is an orchestrator of solutions with the ability to connect each part of the ecosystem, so the next step is to help the channels in the implementation, as well as to have a granular database of the capabilities and specialty of each channel to refer them in projects of other partners.

From his perspective, Lazarini points out that the market continues to make its projects aware of the difficulties in logistics and the long delivery times, which is why it calls on the channels to work and offer the cloud and hybrid work environments to speed up and not let projects go.

“The best way to help in a Digital Transformation project is from a hybrid architecture; our portfolio of manufacturers is very advanced for that demand, and together with the capacity of our channels we will be able to make offers of interest”.

TD SYNNEX will continue to enable partners to seize the right opportunities and add value to their customers based on the new infrastructures.

According to Lazarini, the businesses of the future will require new channel profiles, so the executive does not rule out, and even stated that he already works with cloud-native partners, for example, and born under these subscription models, as well as ISVs that They have different models than the traditional one.

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“We like working with them, they help us to have fresh market perspectives and adapt to what is going on in the market”

The main change in channels occurs in the sale of technology and in the economic model; much is determined by software or subscriptions or pay-as-you-go; systems live by usage and billing, and TD Synnex continues to invest in platforms to measure that usage and easily enable and disable subscriptions.

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