Águeda López, wife of Luis Fonsi, welcomes autumn with a spectacular bikini pose from Italy

Agueda Lopez has put the finishing touch to an unforgettable summer with a vacation in Italy. A few days of dreams in which the wife of Luis Fonsi is taking advantage of the last hot rays of the sun and the good temperature to enjoy the sea and the incredible landscape.

Greece, Venice, Alaska or New York are some of the destinations that the Spanish model has visited this summer, who has welcomed autumn with several spectacular poses in a bikini. One of them from Procida and another in Capri (Italy). Two paradisiacal places that have witnessed the incredible body that the mannequin has.

As usual, Rocco and Mikaela’s mother received hundreds of compliments and praise from her unconditional fans, who are always aware of what Águeda shares to send her their best messages.

“Perfection does not exist…. Oh wait”, “The most beautiful of the goddesses”, “Spectacular”, “Divine”, “Precious” or “You are impressive”, are just some of the many beautiful comments left on the plank.

Throughout this summer, from her various vacation destinations, Águeda has also been sharing photos showing her spectacular silhouette, the result of many hours of training and healthy eating, the perfect combination to show off an ideal figure all year round.

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