Aigües de Barcelona and CaixaBank test a digital identity solution using blockchain technology

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Aigues de Barcelonathe water company Spanish together with CaixaBank reported having also developed with the startup Catalan Validated ID, the proof of concept for a decentralized digital identity solution based on blockchain technology.

According to a release from Aigues de Barcelona, The objective of the project has been to demonstrate the feasibility of using the identity digital in a decentralized manner to provide individuals with control of their identity and facilitate secure user access to online services.

In this sense, they also reported that the pilot test developed, and that was made with fictitious usershas helped build an identity solution that enables the identification of a customer and the secure exchange of information between two Business.

Note also that for this proof of concept, CaixaBank has issued verifiable credentials through the Dalion ecosystem (a sovereign digital identity collaborative project based on blockchain technology) in the Alastria network. While, for its part, Aigües de Barcelona has used Ethereum for issuing credentials. “It has been possible to test the interoperability between different networks blockchain and sovereign digital identity standards”They commented on it in a press release.

Finally, Validated ID would have developed a platform of sovereign identities called VIDchain, and designed to help users to have control of their digital identity and exchange digital credentials simply, securely and privately. “Thanks to blockchain technology, users can manage their personal identity data securely and can collect digital credentials and save them, as well as choose what data they want to share with third parties at any time”they mentioned.

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