Al Khelaïfi ‘remembers’ Barça

ECA President Nasser Al Khelaïfi gave a speech during the ECA Assembly in Istanbul in which he applauded the economic changes taking place in the European landscape after UEFA’s decision to renew Financial Fair Play: “The new financial sustainability rules are a positive development. The rules control costs. They encourage investment and new investors. They will help ensure the sustainability of football. But we have to be careful; dangerous levels of debt and magically injecting capital is not a sustainable path. We have to think long term, not short term,” he said.

The latter, which can be considered a message to Barça, did not fall on deaf ears for the president of LaLiga. Javier Thebes used Twitter to reply to Nasser Al Khelaïfi. “There is no magic. FC Barcelona has sold part of its assets to cover their losses, at PSG instead “you open the gas”. For sustainable football, the first thing is to pay what is owed, RIGHT? tweeted the highest rector of Spanish professional football.

Al Khelaïfi also recognized that they are thinking about the possibility of getting more out of their club competitions, especially the Champions League and the European Super Cup: “The ECA has also worked closely with UEFA on the new men’s competition format after to 2024. There will be more exciting matches. Competitions will be more inclusive. Our income will grow. We have already seen this in France and the UK. And in the US, our growth exceeds 150%, with the sale of rights in Spanish. We plan to work with Paramount+ and all of our other media partners and rights holders on how to reach new audiences, be innovative and stay relevant.”

The Joint Venture with UEFA

In addition, the president of the ECA emphasized the agreement that they currently have with UEFA and which, as announced, has been renewed until 2030: “Our Joint Venture with UEFA is the most important development in European football in recent times . It is based on a relationship of trust and an example of progressive reform. As I said a year ago, it was key for the clubs to build a stronger relationship with UEFA. Our Joint Venture is a great success, and today I am pleased to announce that UEFA and the ECA have signed a letter of intent to enter into a new MoU until 2030. This will make our association even stronger: we have rebuilt and formed an association of equals. The clubs are more committed. The clubs have a bigger voice. Our business value has grown. Thanks to President Ceferin.”

Al Khelaïfi had as main guest at the Assembly Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1: “We really appreciate that you have come in the middle of the season between races. I remember the first time we met, I was inspired by your vision, your ideas and your project. You have made Formula 1 more than just a sport. You have created a lifestyle and a brand. Entertainment is at the heart of everything you do. Formula 1 has an incredible leader“, Told him.

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