ALMA forgives herself on her liberating new single

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ALMA, the Finnish singer who triumphed a few years ago with the tropical pop of ‘Chasing Highs’, continues with her career and is committed to reinvention. If the recent single of her ‘Everything Beautiful‘ had a 60s flavor, the new one can be added to the folder of “songs influenced by Fleetwood Mac”, like more or less 40% of songs that come out every year.

ALMA’s new proposal is called ‘I Forgive Me’, it is one of the news coming out today, and advocates leaving behind being too hard on ourselves. “To all the people I’ve hurt, let down, I should have acted differently,” the lyrics begin. “And to the people who have hurt me and let me down, I hope you have learned.” In ‘I Forgive Me’, ALMA accepts that she is not perfect, also that others are not, and she breaks free.

Musically, ‘I Forgive Me’ opts for a disco-style drum beat and guitars, reminiscent of the Fleetwoods of ‘Everywhere’, and its light instrumentation is reminiscent of recent highly recommended songs such as ‘Slow Song‘ by The Knocks featuring Dragonette.

In a statement, ALMA says that ‘I Forgive Me’ «is a song I wrote for myself when I needed to forgive myself. I have always been very hard on myself. If I do something wrong or “bad” I usually stay in this horrible feeling and I can’t find ways to get over those situations.

“Writing helps me,” he continues, “and also talking to my friends, but if I’ve hurt someone I find it hard to get over those situations. I got to a point where I tried to make everyone like me, knowing that this is impossible. There will always be people who don’t like you or who don’t like what you do.”

Finally, ALMA points out: «I think we are hypocrites with each other, and we are always prepared to judge others without knowing their history. I truly believe that speaking and listening to others, and forgiving yourself, is the key to finding peace and happiness.”

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