ALMA gives you what Carly Rae Jepsen no longer does, in ‘Summer Really Hurt Us’

ALMA, a Finnish singer whom we met a few years ago for ‘Chasing Highs’, in the midst of a wave of tropical pop, is currently preparing the release of her second long album, of which various previews are already known. From the garage rhythms of ‘Everything Beautiful‘, ALMA has gone to pop a la Fleetwood Mac from ‘I Forgive Me‘, and his new single tries something new again.

‘Summer Really Hurt Us’ is another one of those eighties pop songs that aren’t afraid to unequivocally claim the influence of groups like A-HA, OMD’s ‘Enola Gay’ or the most colorful pop of the time.

But, while the keyboards on ‘Summer Really Hurt Us’ are pure new wave, the melody couldn’t be more classic and pop. It has a Eurovision but also a Mediterranean point and at times it seems to use the same chord progression as Marina’s ‘Primadonna’, only that the musical production tends more towards pastiche between different periods and genres.

It’s very Carly -and very ABBA- also the heartbreak expressed in ‘Summer Really Hurt Us’, with the peculiarity that it is ALMA who acknowledges having hurt the other person. “Tears in your eyes when I told you lies, I was selfish when I broke us in two, I saw everything black and I said some things about you but none of them were true”, ALMA sings while wondering “at what point have I failed you” and he regrets that their relationship did not survive the summer.

What does seem to survive in our players, for a good season, is this wonderful song that ends up being as cute as that heart that, on the cover, forms its title. The best song of ALMA?

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