Amazon tests for the first time the hand reader that replaces card payment

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Last year, amazon presented Amazon One, its biometric recognition system where a shopper uses the palm of their hand to pay for products through an interfaceIn addition, the fingerprint data is encrypted and stored on Amazon servers.

East e-commerce added the technology in its Amazon Go stores and Amazon Books retail stores, but now, it will expand to 65 Whole Foods stores across California. Rollout begins in Malibu, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and the Bay Area over the next few weeks.

To make the payment, users have to link their credit card to their hand. When they insert the card into the devicethe interested they place the palm of their hand on the special Amazon dataphone and follow the prompts to link the card with the biometric palm signature. Users will be able link one palm or bothAlso, once registered, they will only have to pay by hand.

Amazon One is also used to pay.

Amazon One uses biometric hardware and algorithms artificial intelligence to scan your palm and determine your signature, so they link it to the payment method.

Checkout is fast, but as customers hand over their data for unique checkout experiences, concerns are growing about the privacy. TechCrunch notes the possibility that ‘victims’ “disagree with the idea that Amazon One could allow the company to track their movements.”

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