Ambassador of Venezuela in Bolivia deplores blockade against Cuba

“The resolution on the need to eliminate these retaliatory measures against an entire people is a historic text that Venezuela has supported for years because it claims the right to self-determination and the right to development,” he assured in an interview with Prensa Latina.

He added that its approval by the vast majority in the United Nations for decades shows the immorality of the unilateral coercive measures that Washington applies against Cuba and other countries that decided not to align with the policy of the White House and the State Department.

Trómpiz considered that this initiative led by Cuba to the UN for almost 30 years deserves, as it has had, the support of the vast majority of the peoples.

“It should provoke some solid institutional action from that multilateral forum so that this form of aggression by the United States does not continue to affect the development of the largest of the Antilles,” he told this news agency.

Referring to the transnational nature of many of these coercive measures, he recalled that in the case of Venezuela, up to this date, 763 direct reprisals had been applied and as many others, totaling 927.

“Of them, 438 were issued by the United States, 108 by Canada, 70 by Panama, 56 by Switzerland, 55 by the European Union and 36 by the United Kingdom,” he listed.

He stressed that the nations that dictate these measures, “except for Panama, which joined them as a satellite, are the protagonists of centuries of wars, massive violations of human rights and the persecution of anti-colonial struggles in Latin America and the Caribbean.” .

“They are countries that have had the strength to impose and overthrow governments on the continent and provoke wars in the region,” he said.

“We identify in all this a position of a colonial nature that seeks not only political changes in our country -he added-, but also intends to vindicate the historical role they have played as looters of our resources.”

The ambassador commented that there appears the case of the illegal retention of Venezuelan gold in the United Kingdom, the shameful position of the United States of handing over control of the Citgo company to “an international criminal group headed by a man with the surname Guaidó.”

He pointed out in this regard that this clan is dedicated to usurping the ownership of Venezuelan assets abroad with the support of Washington, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

He believed that in previous centuries, monarchies granted letters of marque to characters like Henry Morgan and Francis Drake to raid and pillage on the high seas and in many territories of Latin America and the Caribbean.

“However, now those who act as corsairs and pirates are the ones who previously granted those patents,” concluded the diplomat.



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