AMD strikes back with new laptop processors rescuing a 1990s CPU family

amd “has released cable” after the official presentation of the Ryzen 7000 processors last August. A conference that sought to hit the table and demonstrate the power of AMD against the Raptor Lake from Intel. Now, AMD has just announced the new processors Ryzen 7020 Series for laptops.

Based on “Zen 2” architecture cores and AMD RDNA2 graphics, the new processors offer a perfect balance between performance and productivity, so users can tackle everyday tasks with ease. This new range of processors will come under the name Ryzen 7020 Series Y Athlon 7020 Seriesa family that has been in force within the red team since the 90s.

For more than 90% of laptop users, the ability to live “on the go” is important, according to a poll carried out by the company Wakefield Research. With the remote workusers expect devices that can be unplugged, with an average use of more than three hours a day on batteries — while a third of users do so for 10 hours or more.

Ryzen 7020 Series processors offer up to 12 hours of battery without connection to the network, with a multitask up to a 58% faster than the competition. PCs with Ryzen and Athlon 720 Series processors are expected to be available worldwide starting on fourth quarter of 2022.

These will arrive with a starting price of $399, although it is to be expected that this price will rise slightly in our territory. Some processors clearly focused on satisfying the user of laptops with a more restrained performancealthough you can always take advantage of a processor with an integrated GPU to play under minimum conditions.

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