An Artemiseño among the winners of the international contest

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Just one year after the inspiration and desire to be part of the Amarte International Mural Painting Contest, convened by the council of the Spanish municipality of Burela, the artist Oniel Rodríguez López embraced the moment to make such an effort a reality and won the second prize of the event.

In its sixth edition, among 80 projects, the one conceived by Oniel was one of the nine selected for execution on the wall of the port esplanade, where the work of creators from France, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico and Spain also converged.

“It is an honor for me as an artist and a Cuban to have had the opportunity to live this experience,” said the young man.

“I presented a proposal that has to do very closely with the city where the event takes place, where I currently reside. I based it on a boat that was in disuse and that its objective was to decorate a roundabout or some other place, but that in the end was scrapped in full view of everyone because there was no budget for its conservation, ”he explained.

“By appropriating that iconography, -which I had done before it was destroyed because I liked it-, I incorporated elements of my work, in this case, some paper boats.

“Choosing this idea was not easy for me, since I had been thinking for some time what my proposal could be and that it be accepted. Upon my arrival at this site and seeing the murals, I had proposed to participate in the next edition. Then the unwanted event happened and I used it in favor of artistic creation.”

This is how the piece came about Goodbye foreverwhich he left patent on a wall six meters long by two meters high, during four days of work, the period in which the event took place, whose jury selected the three best murals on the last day.

“For me, having been one of the finalists was already a prize, a goal achieved, first of all, because a year ago I dreamed of the idea of ​​putting my work on these walls, in this open-air museum. On the other hand, it was a privilege to meet artists of different nationalities and share this challenge together”.

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