An injury to Zach de la Rocha leaves Spain without Rage Against the Machine

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I don’t know what just happened to my leg. But you know what? Let’s get on with this shit. We’ll play for all of you tonight even if I have to crawl around the stage. We’ve come a long way.” With those words, Zach de la Rocha (52) tried to reassure the crowd that filled the United Center in Chicago on July 11 in what was the second concert after the long-awaited tour that brought Rage Against the Machine back together.

Hardly four songs had elapsed when the vocalist injured his left leg while performing ‘Bullet in the head’. Finally, the singer was able to finish the concert without much fanfare but now the band has confirmed that it is forced to cancel its tour across the UK and Europe.

“For medical reasons, Zack de la Rocha has been informed that the August and September 2022 UK and Europe leg of the Rage Against The Machine tour cannot proceed. It is with great disappointment that we announce this cancellation. Rage Against The Machine will wrap up their tour at Madison Square Garden on August 11, 12 and 14 and after Zack must return home to rest and rehab.”, shares the band in a statement.

The flights, the travel time and the rigorous schedule in the UK and Europe account for too much risk for a complete recovery. We feel very sorry for all our fans who have waited years to see us. Please contact your point of sale for refunds to any show,” concludes Rage Against the Machine.

And, obviously, the fans of the band in Spain are going to be left without the opportunity to see them live since they had planned two performances in our country: on September 8 at the Andalusia Big Festival of Malaga and on the 10th of that month in Madrid’s Mad Cool Sunset, two newly created events in which they were, by far, the great attractions on the bill. Thus, the wait is prolonged to see the band live, which has not set foot on Spanish soil since 2011.

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