“An unauthorized third party has illegally accessed confidential information”

Nine years after the release of its previous installment, which came out in 2013 for PS3, finally fans of Grand Theft Auto have been able to see some preview of the sixth title. Although, unfortunately, it has been due to a hack massive rockstar.

This weekend, the internet has been filled with a multitude of videos, almost a hundred images of GTA 6. Social networks, forums and other video game portals echoed these leaks, which quickly turned the game’s title into trends.

These video game study contents belong to an early stage of development, so they do not correspond to the final version of the game. Still, you can see part of the gameplay and confirms what he reported bloomerg Recently: a Latin woman will be one of the protagonists of the game.

As seen in the images, some of which have already been removed, the game is set in miami (Florida) and seems to be inspired by the bonnie and clyde storyso it will be focused on two protagonists.

Rockstar already reported that it was working on a plot in which certain topics would be treated with caution, because they do not want to offend any minority with their jokes. And it is that in 2018 there were several criticisms of employees for certain behaviors at work, so the studio wants to improve that part both in its company and in its games.

Rockstar pronounces

After detecting these leaks, Rockstar issued a statement in their social networks to talk about this illegal intrusion into your network from “an unauthorized third party” who had access to “sensitive information”, including “the first development images of the next Grand Theft Auto“.

Even though this hack will not initially affect the interruption of your gaming services on-line nor to the development of the next title, they have shown his enormous disappointment at the way in which everything has happened. “We remain as committed as ever to providing you, our players, with an experience that truly exceeds your expectations,” they stated.

“We will report back to everyone soon, and of course we will we will properly present this next game when it is ready. We want to thank everyone for their continued support in this situation.”


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