Ana de Armas wrote a letter to Marilyn Monroe before playing her in ‘Blonde’

On Friday, September 23, it opens Blondethe movie in which Anne of Arms interprets Marilyn Monroe. Without a doubt, it was quite a responsibility for the Cuban interpreter, who before getting into the role asked permission to blonde ambition.

Anne of Arms he wrote her a card by hand to express their respect and the first day of shooting took her to the grave in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery of the Pierce Brothers, in Los Angeles (California).

“We received this great card and the whole team wrote him a message. Then we went to the cemetery and put it on his grave (…) Somehow we were asking permission. We felt a great responsibility and we were very aware of the side of the story that we were going to tell: the story of Norma Jeane, the person behind this character, Marilyn Monroe. Who was she really?” Ana de Armas said in an interview on An Other Magazine.

The actress Ana de Armas, characterized as Marilyn Monroe in a still from the film ‘Blonde’ // ONDA CERO

The film, according to Ana de Armas, shows pain, nudity and vulnerability and does not sweeten the figure of Marilyn Monroe. Precisely for this reason, Blondean adaptation of the homonymous novel by the writer Joyce Carol Oates published in 2000, is generating a lot of criticism, and especially director Andrew Dominicwhom Ana de Armas defends in this interview.

“We tried to show the struggle that he had to go through, not just to be successful, but to survive,” de Armas said. “What she went through was dark. Very dark. When you know that, you love her more. So the goal is not to demolish the myth; The goal is to humanize this myth and make it real, a real woman going through all kinds of abuse and situations.”

Ana de Armas is aware that the film has scenes that are difficult to watch, but she does not consider the content to be sensational or gratuitous. “In many scenes people don’t really see anything. You just know what’s going on and that it’s coming from a place of zero love. I think the audience will feel uncomfortable, because she feels uncomfortable, when she feels dirty, people feel dirty. It all depends on how it makes you feel.”

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