Andrés Muñoz wants to represent Mexico in the World Baseball Classic

The Mexican reliever Andres Munoza member of the Seattle Mariners, has shown interest in being part of the roster that will represent Mexico in the 2023 World Baseball Classic and in a conversation with several media outlets he stated that he has already contacted him.

“I am interested in going, obviously who is not going to want to represent Mexico. They already talked to me and everything, but I still haven’t been able to confirm because the season is still missingmay God free me from any injury”, declared Muñoz.

‘El Plebe’ is a veteran of three seasons in the Big leaguesbut this is the first time that it happens in its entirety with the Mariners and declared that he has learned too much this year thanks to the fact that he has shot in a good number of games.

“For me it has been a lot of learning. As much as driving and get ready for a full season. The errors are becoming less, each time you are more prepared to shoot. Shooting every day gives you the experience of knowing ‘I did this, it worked for me. I did this, it didn’t work for me,’” the closer said.

Muñoz has pitched in 58 games over 58 2/3 innings and is 2-5 with three saves.a 2.61 ERA and has struck out 90 of the 226 batters he has faced.

At the moment, the Mariners hold the final wild-card spot in the AL. With 15 regular-season games remaining, Seattle has a five-game lead over the Baltimore Orioles for a playoff spot and For the Mexican, the most important thing is to break the streak of 21 years without playing postseason.

“Even though I’ve only been here two years, we all want to break that mark of so many years without going to the playoffs. We are very excited, the clubhouse vibe is very high and we are all doing our best to be in the playoffsMunoz said.

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Admire Chapman and Soria

“For me, I’ve always liked to see when someone throws hard. For as long as I can remember, my favorite player was Aroldis Chapman. Recently I was able to play with him and for me it was something incredible. Being able to play with him in the same stadium is something that leaves me speechless”, declared the Sinaloan.

Regarding national pitchers, Muñoz pointed out that his inspiration “was Joakim Soria. I had the opportunity to meet him and learned a lot from him.”

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