Angola celebrates centenary of Agostinho Neto

Angola today celebrates the centenary of the birth of its first president, António Agostinho Neto, whose legacy serves as inspiration for the present times.

In a message for the anniversary, the Head of State and Government, João Lourenço, praised the political and humanist ideology of the intellectual and patriot (September 17, 1922-September 10, 1979), knowing that “all together we can build , in harmony and with commitment, the Nation that would be a source of pride for its founder”.

Following Neto’s example means maintaining the commitment to work for a better life in terms of health, education, housing, work, culture and leisure, considered the also leader of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), who on March 24 August was re-elected for a second term at the head of the State and the Government.

In this sense, he recalled the conception of the former statesman and leader of the MPLA, who in a lapidary phrase warned: “The most important thing is to solve the problems of the people.”

The date of September 17 invites to exalt not only the qualities of the “uncompromising fighter for the independence, freedom and well-being of all Angolans”, but also “the prophetic and mobilizing vision of his poetic work, the humanist spirit and his solidarity and internationalist vocation”, he estimated.

António Agostinho Neto, he added, “taught us to trust in our strength and in the fairness of our struggle” and to be certain of the final victory, despite possible setbacks in the liberation process.

Likewise, he highlighted the internationalist vision of the revolutionary intellectual and combatant, who contributed to the end of apartheid and the liberation of southern Africa, and urged that Neto’s legacy be transmitted to new generations.

The Independence Square, in Luanda, received this week the visit of national and foreign personalities, who came to lay floral offerings in well-deserved tribute to the illustrious son of this African nation.

The Cuban delegation to Lourenço’s inauguration was there before returning to Havana, with Vice President Salvador Valdés at the head of the delegation, who received a message of greeting from the widow of the National Hero, Maria Eugénia Neto.

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