Angus Cloud (Fez in ‘Euphoria’) explains the story of his scar: “I cracked my skull”


Angus Cloudwho gives life to Fez in the series euphoriahas explained in detail the accident he suffered when he was 14 years old and which has left him his characteristic scar on the head.

The last season of euphoria left all viewers pending what will become of Fezco, a character played by the actor Angus Cloud and that has gained much prominence in this latest installment of the series.

In this last season they explained their childhood and the reason why they have a scar on the head in fiction, but the truth is that this scar is not a specific makeup effect for the character, quite the contrary. Fiction has adapted the story of Fez to the scar that the actor has in real life.

He spoke about this in detail in an interview for Variety: “It is real. I cracked my skull a Friday the 13th”. The events occurred in 2013, when Angus was 14 years old and had said goodbye to some friends he had been with. On the way home, fell into a hole in a construction site he didn’t see because it was too dark.

No one found him due to poor visibility and the young man woke up 12 hours later at the bottom of the hole. “I was trapped. I managed to get out I don’t know how long after. It was very difficult because my skull was broken but my skin was notSo the bleeding was internal and it was pressing against my brain. But they wouldn’t find me down there. I found myself. Or God found me, whatever you want to call it “, she has continued recounting.

Angus has confessed that despite having the skull and several fingers broken, I felt no pain. Driven by what he admits was a “survival instinct,” he climbed out of the three-meter-deep hole and boarded a bus to return home.

“My mother thought I was drugged, because my pupils were very dilated. He was trying to tell her what had happened, but he could only start the sentence, he couldn’t finish it. So I said, ‘I’m going to sleep in my bed.

His mother, seeing him in that state, did not let him go to sleep and when she gave him a glass of water, Cloud began to vomit spurts of bloodso he took him to the hospital.

There they underwent surgery, which is what has given rise to his scar: “They opened my head, they put some screws and a plate where I fractured my brain and they sewed me up.”

Finally, Angus has acknowledged that despite the seriousness of the accident, it seems incredible that the brain damage left is so small: “It’s so small that it’s not worth talking about”.

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