Antena 3 will divide the last episode of the series to compete against the reality star of Telecinco

Behind the success achieved by ‘Wife’ versus ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ last week, Antena 3 wants to repeat the move and trip Telecinco up again, now against a bigger rival: the network has decided Split the last episode of the Italian series to coincide with the premiere of ‘The Island of Temptations’.

final duel

Antena 3 is on a roll and does not want to lose the advantage. Except for the eurobasketball, its audience results beat Telecinco’s by a landslide. Last week, the bet of making ‘The Wife’ coincide with the access prime time and the main gala of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, so he will try his luck once again.

According to confirmed, the last episode of the successful Italian fiction It can be seen on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 at 10:45 p.m.. In other words, it will be divided into two nights (although it was initially promoted that the series would be broadcast “in three single nights”) in which the outcome of Maria’s story will be revealed.

A clearly strategic move, to face one of the titans of Mediaset: ‘The island of temptations’that premieres its season 5 This Wednesday at 10:50 p.m. Sandra Barneda’s show has a successful audience history and is raising real expectations on networks, but… will it be enough to beat the leader of her time slot?

To finish it off, Thursday’s episode will coincide again with the main gala of ‘Nightmare in El ParaĆ­so’whose losing streak is going downhill and without brakes since its mediocre debut (the constant changes Reality insiders sure haven’t helped improve this).

We will have to see the next September 22 and 23 who takes the cake, if ‘The wife’ and its conjugal dramas or ‘The island of temptations’ with its various sauces (we already give up on ‘Nightmare’).

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