Anthony Edwards fined $40,000 for using homophobic language

With the severe sanction imposed on robert sarver the NBA made clear the league’s stance against any attack on a sexual or racial minority. With Anthony Edwards they have made their zero tolerance policy latent.

Through a press release the NBA reported that the member of the timberwolves received a fine of 40 thousand dollars for “using offensive and derogatory language” on social media.

The sanction is a consequence of a video published by Edwards himself. In the footage, a group of shirtless men can be seen on a sidewalk, later the 21-year-old guard says, “Look at these queers.”

Edwards and the Timberwolves position themselves

Prior to NBA sanction, Edwards He used his Twitter account to apologize for the homophobic words he used. “What I said was immature, hurtful and disrespectful, I am incredibly sorry,” he said. “It is unacceptable for me or anyone to use that language to hurt, there are no excuses, not at all. I was raised better than that.”

For its part, the Minnesota club was disappointed by Edwards’ behavior and confirmed its commitment to being inclusive; an apology was also extended to the community.

“We are disappointed by the language and actions that Anthony Edwards displayed on social media.”, said Tim Connelly, president of operations of Minnesota. “The Timberwolves are committed to being inclusive and welcoming to all, and we apologize for the offense this has caused.”

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