‘Anything can happen’: Marco’s jealousy

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the teacher found out that sara had been seeing her ex-husband behind his back

‘Anything can happen’: Marco’s jealousy

Giulia maintained her relationship with Alberto behind Luca’s back in anything can happen. Meeting the handsome cop and noticing him had been all one. Now, the woman could not get out of her head that she could become the “third party” within her marriage. Meanwhile, Luca wasn’t doing enough to win her wife back, and instead of spending time with her, he asked her to stay away from him and her relationships with the clients of her landscaping company.

Cristina, with the collaboration of Carlo, gave birth to Maria, her third daughter. Meanwhile, Federica helped Max adjust to the new school. Little by little, the boy began to feel like one of his classmates.

Carlo had a little rapprochement with Feven

On the other hand, a photo of Sara and Marco Nardini, one of the school teachers, kissing, was spreading among the high school boys and ended up in the hands of Ambra. This she did not take well to have found out like this about the relationship that exists between her mother and the one who was her teacher.

The next day, Marco found out that Sara had been visiting her ex-husband behind his back and worrying about him. The professor couldn’t help feeling disappointed and also a little jealous. In turn, Ambra undertook to search for a job that would allow her to pay for her whims and Cristina offered her to be her assistant in Renato De Cairo’s electoral campaign. The girl accepted, but the beginning was not the best.

Nearby, Carlo had an approach with Feven and the couple ended up making love. Will this be the beginning of their reconciliation? At the same time, Sara began to worry about the poor results that Denis was obtaining at school.

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