Appeal also dismisses Atlético’s appeal for Hermoso

The Appeals Committee has also dismissed Atlético’s appeal by Mario Hermoso, as it has already done this Wednesday. The rojiblanco club has acted to cancel the second yellow card that their player saw in the derby, but it has had no effect. The defender will have to serve a sanction against Sevilla, unless the entity goes to the TAD.

In its appeal, Atlético wields “the incompatibility of the referee’s version, embodied in the arbitration record, with the content of the images provided.” Appeal, in its brief, answers that “The content of the images that can be seen in the video evidence provided is not incompatible with the arbitration report included in the minutes in which it is argued that the reason for the reprimand being appealed is “…push an opponent when the ball is not in dispute, knocking him down”. This is precisely what can be seen in the images and what even the appellant recognizes.” And, therefore, he maintains the punishment: “(The video) is not enough to undermine the presumption of veracity of the record, but quite the contrary, the viewing of the test confirms that, by Don Mario Hermoso, the cautioned acts are committed, that is, a push to the opponent not being the ball in dispute, knocking it down, exact cause and not another of the warning”.

In the play in question, Hermoso and Ceballos struggle in the area just before a corner kick in favor of Atlético. The white midfielder exaggerates the fall and the referee, Munuera Montero, He shows the second yellow to the rojiblanco, who minutes before had seen the first one for facing Carvajal (and shortly before he had scored 1-2). The defender will miss the visit to Sevilla (Saturday 1), yet another problem for the diminished Atlético defense, which sighs to recover Savic and Giménez in time.

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