Apple could do business with the jump to USB-C

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We’ve been going around for years the reasons, or lack of them, why Apple does not finish making the leap to USB-C. And it is any argument that the company has been able to put forward in the past to defend the benefits of its own system against this standard are somewhat questionable at the moment in which those from Cupertino decide to do without the Lightning port in all iPad models . If USB-C is good for tablets, why isn’t it good for smartphones and headphones too?

In any case, this conversation/discussion has an expiration date, in just over two years. And, as we told you a couple of months ago, the single charger is about to become a reality in Europe. Now only the final formalities remain, which are expected to take place between September and October, and then the two-year period, which will be granted to manufacturers to adapt to this new standard. From then on, neither iPhone nor AirPods will be able to use Lightning as a charging port.

Although this standard affects all manufacturers of this type of device, the truth is that the vast majority of them have already adopted USB-C in the past, so they will not have to worry about anything. Thus, it could almost be said that, when it comes to smartphones, the European Union has created this regulation thinking specifically of Apple and on the iPhone. Perhaps in the market of dumbphones different charging ports can still be found, but in the smartphone ecosystem, the presence of USB-C is practically universal.

This already made us wonder How would Apple respond to this regulatory challenge?, and the truth is that you do not have too many options. The first, and undoubtedly more logical, would be to assume the new standard and, consequently, replace the Lightning port with a USB-C on iPhones and AirPods. It would be the most logical, I say, but that does not necessarily mean that it will be the option chosen by Apple. And even less if there is another that can be more profitable.

Apple could do business with the jump to USB-C

It’s already been ringing, for a long time, the possibility that Apple decides to remove the charging and data port from the iPhone, thus making it a 100% wireless device, with induction charging. and as we can read on ZDNet, the popular and generally accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is possible that Apple will decide to delay the implementation of USB-C as long as possible. In the case of AirPods, by the time, which would probably be 2024, to release charging cases with USB-C capacity for all AirPods models, even those introduced and launched in 2023.

And what about the iPhone? Well worse and more profitable still. Opting exclusively for wireless charging, even if the phone is sold with such a charger, could be associated with the sale of chargers for different contextssuch as to equip them in cars (in which cable charging is still very common), special models for travel, etc.

Avoiding and/or delaying the adoption of USB-C would undoubtedly be a negative measure for users, but if market analyzes and forecasts suggest that this model may be more profitable, we cannot rule out that it is finally the way to go taken over by Apple. Let’s hope not, but it will still take a while to find out..

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