Apple is optimistic about the iPhone 14 and hopes to maintain sales

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Manzana is optimistic about future sales iPhone 14so much so that has ordered the manufacture 90 million units despite the context of economic crisis in which we live. This amount is the same as requested last year, when the forecasts on the economic situation were, in relative terms, more optimistic than the reality shown through the facts.

The Cupertino-based corporation expects to maintain iPhone manufacturing levels for this year by assembling a total of 220 million units, the same amount as in 2021.

Apple hopes to overcome the general decline expected in the smartphone marketwhich was already 9% globally in the June quarter and is expected to drop by 3.5% for the year as a whole according to IDC projections. In fact, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC), the largest smartphone maker, has warned that mobile device makers are beginning to freeze their orders.

While Android device makers are bracing for a scenario where sales are set to decline, Apple’s vendors are doing much better. Pegatron Corp., a Taiwanese assembler of iPhones, has posted a 3.6% rise in its shares, the most in five weeks. Japan Display Inc posted the biggest gain in two months at 5%, TDK Corp. rose 5.3% and Murata Manufacturing Company gained 3.7%.

At this point it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the disparity in forecasts around Android and iPhone has a lot to do with the fact that buyers of the latter tend to have higher purchasing power, so expect their pockets show greater resilience in the face of the crisis. Secondly, the iPhone has been consolidating more and more as the smartphone premium by excellence.

The target audience and iPhone’s own profile allow Apple to be more optimistic than Android device manufacturers. This is not just a chest-pounding exercise by the company, but is based on recently released data where you could see that the iPhone, at least for now, knows no crisisto the point of having been clearly strengthened against Mac computers whose sales have fallen significantly.

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