Apple plans to sell ads in new places on the App Store ahead of Christmas

Just a few months before the start of the Christmas season, the company seems to be trying to make the most of its sales platform by including new spaces and advertising formats.

According to the information detailed in a recent message sent to application developers with the aim of encouraging them to buy ads, these new advertising spaces could have new locations within the App Store itself. While it is true that in recent years, Apple’s advertising inventory has been limited to search tools and results, everything indicates that in the coming months we could find an expansion of possibilities for advertisers with new ads and advertising media. .

Despite the fact that the message sent to the developers did not specify where the new ad placements will be offered, already last July the company stated that it planned to expand the advertising options with new ad spaces and sponsored recommendations with the aim that these developers and brands can boost their business and increase their sales within the App Store itself, thanks to its Apple Search Ads advertising platform.

In this sense, a representative of the company made it clear that, like the current advertising offers, the new locations would continue to show only ads with content from the approved App Store product pages and that, in the same way, they will continue to adhere to the same privacy standards as current ads. It is important to note in this regard that in 2021, Apple launched App Tracking Transparency (ATT) with the aim of providing its users with the option of sharing a unique identification with application developers or otherwise refusing to share it. Still, most iPhone owners choose not to, which prevents online advertisers from accurately tracking the performance of their ads.

The expansion in inventory comes as Apple’s advertising business comes under heightened scrutiny. Apple’s advertising revenue is included as part of its services business, which also includes warranties, licenses, App Store sales and revenue from online subscriptions, among other things. Apple reported more than $68 billion in services revenue in 2021.

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