Apple will also raise the price of applications and micropayments in the App Store

With the launch of the iPhone 14 confirmed what had been an open secret, and we understood why there were conflicting rumors about this theme. Apple raised the price of its new smartphones in most international markets but kept it unchanged in the United States.

I have already explained to you on other occasions what have been the main reasons that have given rise to this price increase. On one hand we have euro dollar paritywhich leads us to a direct conversion of prices that harms us, and on the other hand we have the issue of taxesAnd it is that the prices of the iPhone 14 that we saw in the United States are before taxes, while in Spain they already come with 21% VAT included.

The fact is that this year Apple has not only raised the price of the new iPhone, it is also preparing an increase in the price of applications, games and micropayments made within the App Store, with the sole exception of auto-renewing subscriptions, which will remain unchanged. This rise is not general, that is, it will not occur throughout the world, only in some very specific countries. Here is an exhaustive compilation so that you are clear if it affects you or not: Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam and all countries in the euro zone.

Apple has indicated in an official statement that price increases will reflect the new regulations for the company to collect and remit applicable taxes, that is, the value added tax, known as VAT in Spain and as VAT for its acronym in English, and the corporate tax, also known as corporate tax or CIT, for its acronym in English.

The apple company has not given reasons to justify this price increase, but it is clear where the “accusing finger” is pointing, at the dollar. This parity between the dollar and the euro means that our currency is worth less today than it was a few months ago, and therefore we have lost purchasing power. That loss of value of the euro is what has motivated Apple to raise prices, all with the aim of maintaining its profit margins.

The price increase is expected to be 20%, which means that an application that cost one euro will now have a price of 1.20 euros, and an application that had a price of 5 euros will now cost 6 euros. The price increase will take effect from October 5thso if you had planned to buy some relatively expensive application it would be better to do it now.

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