Arcos Dorados (McDonald’s) boosts its profit to 41.4 million in the semester

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Arcos Dorados, the main operator of McDonald’s in Latin America and the Caribbean, recorded a net attributable profit of 41.4 million dollars (40.4 million euros) during the first half of the year, compared to the losses recorded during the same period of the previous year, according to the company’s results report.

The turnover or turnover of the group during the reference period amounted to 1,672 million dollars (1,632 million euros), 45% more than in 2021; while the operating result stood at 112 million dollars (109 million euros), almost nine times more than a year earlier.

In geographical terms, the company’s sales grew in all the markets in which it operates, with Brazil (56.2%) and South America (62.6%) being the regions with the highest growth during the semester. At the end of June, the number of establishments of the operator reached 2,286 units, 1.4% more than last year.

Regarding the second quarter (April-June), the company’s turnover rose to 887.9 million dollars (866 million euros), 50% more; while the net profit stood at 14.5 million (141.5 million euros), almost triple that during the same period of the previous year.

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