Argentine President denounced attack on Cristina Fernández at the UN

Speaking at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, he thanked the solidarity of numerous countries after the attack against the also head of the Senate of that nation on the 1st of this month.

Many times in history, assassinations were prologues to great tragedies. Based on the rejection or hatred towards the victims, those who perpetrated such actions broke public peace and opened the doors to enormous social disputes. Entire towns succumbed behind these prophets of hate, he pointed out.

In Argentina, the aggression against the vice president not only affected the tranquility, but also sought to alter a virtuous collective construction that will celebrate four decades of life next year, he added.

The head of state recalled that in 1983 his country regained democracy and began “a long cycle in which different political forces alternated in government.”

We built the Never Again agreement to state terrorism and political violence. We value democracy as a model of social development that requires respect for the other in diversity. I am sure that the fascist violence disguised as republicanism will not be able to change that broad consensus to which the vast majority of Argentine society adheres, he asserted.

In addition, he warned about the proliferation of extremist and violent speeches in the face of the uneasiness generated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic effects of the war in Ukraine.

Remaining silent can lead us to put the rule of law in crisis. Those who seek to weaken and erode democracies have specific interests that lead them to promote extreme polarization. Let us not resignedly accept this situation. Let’s generate a strong rejection of those who promote divisions in our communities, he said.

This Assembly must see the warning signs on the planet in time, he said.

The president urged to avoid major confrontations and denounce the accumulation model that concentrates income in a few while millions remain submerged in poverty.

The injustices that we observe will worsen if extreme positions are installed, if wars are sustained over time, deepening hunger, and if persistent inflation ends up corroding the income of the weakest sectors. We must work together and in solidarity, strengthen cooperative multilateralism, the rule of non-violence and greater equity, he said.

To achieve such purposes, he considered it essential to achieve peace throughout the world.



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