Argentine Vice President assumes her defense in Cause Vialidad

On August 22, prosecutor Diego Luciani requested a 12-year prison sentence for the former president and her perpetual disqualification from holding public office for alleged irregularities in the award of 51 works in the province of Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the lawyers of the also head of the Senate, Carlos Alberto Beraldi and Ary Llernovoy, pointed out the lack of evidence against Fernández and exposed violations committed during the process.

At the beginning of his speech, Beraldi assured that the complaint against the vice president was “fulfilled after the declaration of more than 100 witnesses, experts, accountants and engineers in almost three years of oral trial.”

The truth always triumphs and that is what happened here. It was demonstrated that the accusation lacks plausibility and foundations, he asserted during his presentation through digital platforms before judges Jorge Gorini, Andrés Basso and Rodrigo Giménez.

In addition, he accused the Prosecutor’s Office of malpractice and of committing “unusual arbitrariness that has no precedent in this country or in the world,” among which he mentioned that Fernández was summoned on the same day to give eight preliminary statements.

The irregularities were not only aimed at Dr. Fernández or this defense, but, overcoming all limits, they were directed towards her family, specifically her daughter, who never developed any political activity, but was stigmatized and attacked, which broke her health, he said.

On the other hand, he indicated that several media outlets spread false information and claimed that the prosecutors had evidence that did not exist.

The lawyer recalled that, according to the statements of President Alberto Fernández and other witnesses, the allocation of items for public works is the power of Congress through the Budget.

Likewise, Beraldi and Llernovoy affirmed that the facts analyzed had already been tried and dismissed in Santa Cruz.

On the other hand, he denounced the links between Luciani, Judge Giménez and former President Mauricio Macri, on whose property they played soccer.



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