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Last January 2021, an anonymous Instagram account published several screenshots that actor Armie Hammer’s chat messages with a woman revealed in the same social network.

The conversation that emerged between 2016 and 2020 contains messages about sadomasochism (sexual satisfaction from physical suffering towards another person or oneself) and other sexual topics that include cannibalism and blood eating.

After this news was made public, the ex-partners of the famous -Courtney Vucekovich, Julia Morrison, Paige Lorenze and a woman named Effie Angelova- spoke with accusations of sexual abuse that they allegedly suffered from him.

For this month of August 2022, the Discovery Plus streaming platform shared the trailer for ‘House of Hammer’, which is a documentary series that has a collection of chapters that tells the story of “the secrets” of the Hammer familyin which two of his former romantic partners explain every experience they had with the man, including evidence such as screenshotsconversations and photographs.

The production premieres on September 2 this year and is directed by producers Elli Hakami and Julian Hobbs, who were supported by Casey Hammer, the artist’s aunt, who she collaborated as a consultant or story guide as she was part of the family.

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“Multiply what happens in the series ‘Succession’ a million times, that’s how my family was. If you believe in dealings with the devil, the Hammers are at the top of the totem pole.”Casey stated.

During the advance of the documentary, Julia Morrison exposed one of the voice messages that the actor sent her: “My bet was to show up at your house and completely tie you down and incapacitate you and then be able to do whatever I wanted to every hole in your body until I finished you.”

“At first I felt that everything was perfect, it was wonderful, but then things changed. He began to cross the limits, until he gets you to be completely his”Courtney Vucekovich said in the trailer.

The Hammer family

In 1919 the actor’s great-great-grandfather, Julius Hammer, had performed an abortion on the wife of a Russian diplomat who died days later. The famous man was accused of murder in the first degree (a premeditated death) and sentenced to prison for almost four years.

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Julian Hammer, Douglas’s grandfather, had two children, including Casey, who revealed a strong situation in his past in his autobiographical book ‘Surviving My Birthright’: “I was a meth-addicted, alcoholic man who was in and out of mental institutions for most of my life.”

Finally, the American’s father, Michael Armand Hammer, was involved in a lawsuit for allegedly selling 63 fake abstract art works, earning over $70 million (more than 296 billion Colombian pesos, to date).

off the show

After the scandals that became public, Armie Hammer made the decision to be away from the world of entertainment. She was in a rehabilitation clinic, with the aim of treating her addiction to sex, drugs and alcohol.

According to the specialized magazine ‘Variety’, after the actor left that center, he was working as a timeshare salesman at the Morritt’s resort in the Cayman Islands, with the aim of being close to his two children -Harper Grace and Ford Douglas Armand-, who live with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers.

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The media ‘CNN’ tried to speak with the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s Office about the investigation before it the complaint made by one of the ex-partners against the actor. However, the Police Department responded only that it does not have any update on how the process is going.

So far, Douglas has denied the claims of an abuser through his lawyer to the US portal ‘Page Six’: “From day one, Mr. Hammer has maintained that all of his interactions with any sexual partners he has ever had have been completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”

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