Arnold Schwarzenegger deepfake in ‘Titanic’

Two American comedians have created a viral deepfake of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of Kate Winslet in the movie titanica in one of the most popular scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio that has already accumulated 2.4 million views on TikTok.

At this point of deepfake we already know how these can potentially distort democratic discourse, manipulate elections, erode trust in institutions; endanger public safety and national security, damage reputations, and undermine the role and reach of journalism. But there is deepfake and deepfake. There are those who provoke all of the above, there is the deepfake without grace or technique or lyrics and then there is the deepfake of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kate Winslet in titanica, which falls under the hypnotic comedy category distributed through TikTok. The American humorist Brian Monarch and the actor Joe Gaudet are responsible for having crossed the Schwarzenegger gene with the gene titanica. It’s a bit like the delivery of the sandwich in Woody Allen’s classic tale (recovered, by the way, in the movie buzz light). A deepfake of Schwarzenegger as DiCaprio would not have been very funny. Perhaps an automatic grimace, but little else. A deepfake of BelĂ©n Esteban as Kate Winslet would also have been successful, but unfortunately its scope would not have been international, global, universal, although the interplay between the fragility of Winslet’s character in titanica and the harshness of Schwarzenegger’s appearance would have been the same with Esteban.

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A curiosity since we have you here. According to a study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and social networks, elaborated by Jeffrey H. Hancock and Jeremy Bailenson, “Video deepfakes have the potential to modify our memories and even implant false memories, and can also modify a person’s attitudes toward the target of the deepfake.” Applied to Schwarzenegger, it can happen that A) you forget that Kate Winslet once played Rose and B) to the purest Mandela effect, you always defend that Winslet never participated in titanica. From now on Schwarzenegger was always Rose. How it has to be. I mean, as it should have been.

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